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Bridging the Access Gap to Healthcare

Dr. BAG, intends to close the access gap to healthcare for ex-offenders/returning citizens and others who have a history of high blood pressure and taking medications ordered by a doctor. 

The program helps eligible participants with doctor visits, medications and other social services. 

Dr. BAG Program
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Kevin's Experience with VSNS and the Dr. BAG Program


Seek • Examine • Ask Review • Close • Hired

S.E.A.R.C.H., is a novel approach to job readiness and placement that engages community-based collaborators.

The program uses the power of storytelling and “game-style” interactions to create resumes, build confidence and teaches the delivery of stellar interviewing skills.

Founded in 2003, Visions’ mission is to  provide grassroots programs & services in despaired communities.

  • Developed and executed 24 professional and community education events nationally.

  • Trained more than 300 community health workers & coaches.

  • Executed or participate in over 500 community events, nationally.

  • Touched nearly 2,500 returning citizens re-entry; directly impacted over 1,000 persons in metro-Atlanta.

  • Educated more than 450 persons on ACA with referrals to marketplace for insurance.

  • Received 52 recognitions and rewards.

  •  Enjoys over 35 active B2B relationships.

  • Launched health-related scholarship fund with more than $50k awarded.

Thank You Emory Team
Thank You Emory Team

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DCS - Debbie
DCS - Debbie

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Thank You Emory Team
Thank You Emory Team

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Education • Development • Upreach

EDU offers educational programs to health professionals and community leaders that are designed to bring knowledge and insight to those who influence the physical, behavioral and socio-economic health of others.


These programs use subject matter experts, research and innovations that ensure we are reaching upward to improve education and development.